We understand that needs vary from church to church.
Every chapel is different and requires specific and detailed attention to room acoustics, singers, musicians, preaching, etc.
That’s why we custom design each system to ensure exceptional sound, and the flexibility to grow in the future.
Our Services


Sound Installation sound-board preacher

STS takes the time to do things the right way. Our reputation has been built upon doing it correctly the first time.
After consulting with your music minister, Pastor, sound crew, and others involved, we know what we have to do. All our wiring is neat and clean. We label all cables and connectors which helps you know where to replace it in the event one is accidentally pulled out. Upon completion we provide you with photos of all system components, signal flow, and system settings.


Video Installation Video Installation Video Installation

STS once again cuts no corners. We use top quality cable not only in sound, but also in video. Your picture will only be as sharp as your weakest link. We use the sales and installation of sound absorbing panels on walls to lessen room reverberation. We will perfectly align your projector picture to the screen best suited for your viewing congregation giving you the largest, clearest picture possible.


On-site Training On-site Training On-site Training

What good is a new system installation without proper training to help you understand and operate it?
Upon completion we provide an evening of training for your sound personnel. Following that we attend the first Sunday service to insure that no undo pressure is upon your sound crew, and we make sure they handle the service correctly. In complex installations, training may encompass up to three evenings.


STS systems provides immediate, courteous service to all our clients. We believe in taking care of problems ASAP. We respond to service needs quickly. If it’s an emergency, we’re already on the way. Service is the bottom line in our business and all our work is guaranteed. Want advice? Call us about anything sound or video related and we’ll take the time to answer all your questions and lead you in the right direction.


STS systems also provides sales of sound and video equipment at competitive prices. We handle almost every major brand including Soundcraft, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, JBL, Crown, Shure, Sennheiser, QSC, Architectural Acoustics, Audio Technica, AKG, DBX, EV, Peavey, Crest, Lexicon, Aviom, and many more. We also will consult with you before your purchase to insure you’re buying the right item you need, and at no charge. We can also assist you with information concerning how to properly set up your new purchase, and once again, at no charge.